The SalesMate CRM  system is all you need as a customer centric organisation to manage you customers, leads and suppliers.

The companie (as customer, supplier, lead, principal) is the centre of SalesMate. By working together in one online system you and you your colleguas can offer the best service to your customers, you can make better decissions to convert leads to customers. SalesMate is cloud software which makes it possible to start directly. Create a free test account!! SalesMate CRM is an affordable online solution to start managing your business. Your data is save, it is located in Europe/Germany.

SalesMate is specially designed to work for SalesAgents. A 'sales agent' is a self-employed, commission-only, business-to-business sales person. SalesMate has special features to make the work for Sales Agents easier:


  • Automatc provision / commission registration
  • Possiblity to place the order at your supplier / principal and confirm the ordering to your customer
  • Possibilty to administer conditions / agreements between customer and principal,like commission percentage, payment and delivery agreements.




List of company types