Wat kan SalesMate

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Klanten, Leveranciers, Prospects, Leads en alle andere typen


Binnen Salesmate kunt u al uw verschillende soorten bedrijfsrelaties beheren. Standaard kent Salesmate Klanten en Leveranciers. U kunt deze lijst eenvoudig zelf uitbreiden met het type relaties die u binnen uw bedrijf kent. Zoals prospects, principalen, beurrelaties.



 The benefit you will get by administrating your business relations in SalesMate is that you can link Conditions to your customers and suppliers or leads. It is possible to store the default payment condition, delivery condition, discount and commission percentages between customer and supplier on a global level or on a productgroup level. This information will not only give you more inside but will be copied to each order as a default. If managed correctly you will a less input errors which improves your quality.


Taken en afspraken

Within SalesMate we have a module called Tasks. This module can be used for creating tasks for your collegue to make a quote, call a customer or lead. It is also used by the ERP system to create a information record on the customer or supplier that an order has been created, confirmed or invoiced. With this module you will have a complete communication and information log at each business relation in SalesMate. 


Documenten en bestanden

It is possible to store all kind of documents, images, drawings within SalesMate. Those files are attached to a business relation, produkt or order.


Verkoopkansen en campagnes

Quantifying the opportunities that your sales team has with customers is a relatively new feature that is now available for business. You can now locate the customers that are most likely to convert using this technology.