SalesMate - Custom Views, filters and selections

Within the SalesMate system it is possible to create custom views/selection on objects. This comes in handy if you are going to use a certain selection very often. For example, show me all clients or all suppliers. Or all orders with a certain status.

On the CRM, Products and order object it is possible to create a custom view by pushing the + sign. Below you find a screenshot for the CRM module. On the main page of CRM you will see the following block

Create new view Screen


After pushing the + sign. you will get the following screen

Create new view details screen


You can give it a custom Title and description and choose which filters to apply. For example Bedrijfssoort/COmpany type = Customer.

After applying the filters you can save it. On the screen you will return to, you will see the just created view is added and can be re-used by everyone.


Create view finish